Lock snapping Euro Cylinder

Best security locks for uPVC home doors

Certain varieties of euro cylinder locks, which are frequently installed on UPVC, composite, and aluminium doors, can be split in half from the outside. Once the lock is broken, an unauthorised person can get access to the internal door mechanism and open the door.

Anti-snap locks have been developed by numerous lock manufacturers as a solution to this issue. These types of locks contain an internal safety mechanism that activates an internal deadlock to prevent access to the locking mechanism if they are compromised by snapping or drilling.

The best high security anti-snap euro cylinder locks also resist lock bumping and drilling attempts.

uPVC Door Lock Standards

In response to the lock snapping issue, the industry introduced a set of standards for door locks to grade them effectively:

  1. Sold Secure SS:312 Diamond Door Cylinder
  2. TS007 3-Star Door Cylinder

It is recommended to couple upgraded cylinder door locks with strong security door furnishings on installation. Today’s market offers a wide range of handle varieties, but for the best door handles, use the same code as for door locks and seek for at least a TS007 2-star handle.

To achieve the maximum in door security may be achieved by combining this with a 3-star door lock.

Even if you have the most secure door locks and handles to deter an attacker, it is still important to take practical considerations into account. Do you lock and leave the keys in the lock overnight? Can you get to your door keys through a letterbox? Consider whether a thief could simply reach in and unlock the door.

If the door lock is a thumbturn euro cylinder, other factors to take into account include if the letterbox can be used to access it once again or whether a small pane in the door can be broken to access the thumbturn door lock.

It’s crucial to accurately measure the lock when installing the euro cylinder door lock because there are various sizes depending on the door. The internal and external measures may be obtained by measuring away from the central screw. Additionally, it’s critical to check that the lock does not protrude above the edge of the door since this might provide a point of leverage for a thief trying to shatter the lock.

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