About CASAC Home Security

CASAC is a Home Security advice and resource blog advising property owners on how best to stay secure from potential crime or theft. The blog offers advice, guidance and potential action points for people who are concerned about home security with the ultimate aim to reduce burglary. 

CASAC does not operate as a replacement for Police advice.

This website is designed to help raise awareness of how to keep your property secure and deter burglars, with an aim to reduce crime in communities.

About CASAC Home Security

Home Security Advice Blog

There are a wide range of security systems, hardware and software available on the market to help protect homes from burglary and crime. Main features of a home security system can be made up of multiple components. These can protect and alert the user not only of burglary, but also unauthorised intruders, fire, carbon monoxide and potential natural disasters. These potential events can be monitored through sensors, burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, and physical monitoring services.

It is possible to build a security system which can be monitored from the comfort of your own home, or alternatively, security companies can be employed to safeguard this for you. Where a system is monitored, this usually includes  a 24/7 monitoring service which receives alerts and notifications from the security system should a problem arise. Depending on the situation, this can then call the appropriate emergency service,  such as the police or fire department.

There are many other actions that a home owner can take to improve on their home security and compliment the elements that are already in place. Ultimately making the property less attractive to theft and leading to a reduction in burglary. By ensuring that window security and door locks are of a high quality, along with always using them and keeping them locked, can help prevent sneak in and unauthorised access to a property. Other ideas include installing motion sensor lights, keeping valuables out of sight, or locked in a home safe. Always make sure the outside of the property is well lit with effective security lighting.

Not all crime prevention costs money and homeowners may also consider taking measures such as joining a neighbourhood watch programme to join forces with local neighbours in the fight against burglary and crime.

If you are looking to buy your next home always consider the importance of properly securing the property and protecting its contents and theft. The home security market is full of products that are both useful and with some being ineffective. It is always important to do the correct research and due-diligence before making a purchase.